Mesh Wreaths – Craft Ideas, Tutorials, and Holiday Fun

Hello and welcome to the new website on deco mesh wreaths. I am just getting started and the site is pretty empty now, but I have big plans.

I will try to include lots of tutorials, tips, and videos on making mesh Christmas wreaths and ones for other holidays. These make perfect decorations and are cheap to make, so everyone can do them. If you have never tried making a wreath before, I encourage you to give it a try because it is fairly simple. If you are an experienced crafter, then you may just be looking for some ideas to spruce up your crafts and try something a little different.

If you don’t know much about mesh wreaths yet, here is a screenshot from Pinterest just to give you some ideas of the different ways to go about it:

Mesh Wreaths on Pinterest

Mesh wreaths are different from “normal” wreaths and instead of being green and made of garland, they are made from ribbons you can buy at most craft stores. This means you can choose from hundreds of colors and combinations. Then when you add the accessories you can have truly fun and unique looking wreaths that look great as decorations and also make perfect gifts.  I will also try to list different stores where you can buy ribbons and other supplies so you can start making your own wreaths for as cheap as possible.

Eventually I will try to include lots of videos and tutorials on making mesh wreaths. I will try to create some new instructions that are in-depth and walk you through everything, and if other bloggers are willing I would also like to compile the best online lessons from other crafters. Since this website is new though, it will take a while to get everything going smoothly. In the meantime, enjoy this Youtube video on making wreaths from Leisure Arts, Inc:

If you would like to participate on this website, just use the contact form and let me know how you can help. If you have pictures, tips, or anything else readers may find useful please don’t hesitate to contact me and I will put your content up with proper attributes. Thanks and happy crafting!

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